Windows 11 backup options need improvement

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Robust first-party backup solutions are important for any OS and should not be neglected by Microsoft.


Now that File History has been removed from the Setting Panel, and only exists in the legacy Control Panel alongside Windows 7 Backup, it looks like OneDrive is the focus of Microsoft's backup solution. Unfortunately OneDrive is lacking.


Firstly, only Documents, Pictures and Desktop are backed up. After many years of promoting a four-folder solution for user files, and given Music and Videos are created by default even on fresh Windows 11 installations, why suddenly drop them from backups?


And secondly, OneDrive refuses to back up the Documents folder when a PST file is present in it. The only solution is to move the PST file out of the Documents folder which of course means it will not be backed up. Why hasn't Microsoft considered Outlook PST files when engineering this backup solution?


Microsoft should not be deprecating File History until OneDrive is a viable replacement.

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