Windows 11 audio issues after rebooting, bug report

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Hello, I would  like to report a bug/issue and see if there is a fix for this.


I have USB headphones and microphone for music and gaming, every time I reboot my computer audio will only play through the left channel and the right channel is completely muted. This is fixed by unplugging the headphones and plugging them back in again.


However, sometimes when I unplug my headphones I will have to reboot every application that I have open in order to get audio to play again through any device (speakers, headsets, etc)


  • Boot computer with headphones plugged in to the USB jack
  • Audio is left-channel only
  • Unplug the USB, wait a few seconds, plug back in
  • Audio is now fixed OR audio does not play at all in any output device (System settings/volume mixer all points to the correct input/output device and I can see audio SHOULD be playing but it is not)
  • Close all applications, browsers etc and open them up again
  • Audio now plays in both left and right channels and in the correct output device

I have fresh installed windows 11, clean installed all drivers, etc.


This has never happened before in any previous iteration of windows, in a studio setting it's especially annoying since the USB input is hard to reach and it's not feasible to use line-in/line-out aux jacks. This is also persistent across multiple headsets.


Thank you for the time.

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