Win32 FAX driver not working properly

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We have a Win32 based Fax driver. We are facing some bug only in Windows 11 and Microsoft office 32bit applications. In Microsoft office older than Office 2021, bug is only appearing on 32bit Microsoft office and windows 11 but for Microsoft office 2021 bug is appearing on both 32bit and 64bit MS office 2021 and Windows 11. Bug description is, when we print from Microsoft office application and select our Fax driver, then we invoke printer properties, after closing printer properties when we click on "print", Microsoft Office application hangs and doesn't respond. This behavior only happens in following combinations:

1. Windows 11 with Microsoft office 32bit applications.

2. Windows 11 with 32bit and 64bit MS office 2021.

Please help us understand if anything is changed windows 11 regarding this scenario.


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Please reply to this. Kindly mention If there is any print related issue needs to be fixed in windows 11 22H2?