Win11 .. no desktop links für app store apps

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hi !


as the new start menu in win11 does not allow to build groups of apps  i tried to build the groups i had in my win10' startmenu by grouping app-links in folders at my desktop


this works - as in all windows version before win10 - for all my apps BUT NOT for apps installed from microsoft store   


for example: in win10 i had group named 'streaming' - containing spotify, netflix, amazon,.......


in win11 it ist not possible to set links to these apps in a desktop-folder namend 'streaming' via simple drag&drop the icons from startmenu to that folder


the only way to do that is using the app-browser and creating links from there -- links do work, but icons are empty


i cannot understand, why MS killed that functionlaity for apps from the store


maybe someone can explain ?


there are many feedbacks in the feddback hub for that issue too! 


regards Kurt

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Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the Windows 11 space - please post Windows 11 questions here in the future. 


"Customize the Windows 11 Start layout" ->


"Customize the Start menu layout on Windows 11" ->


Windows 11 Default Start Menu Layout: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\DefaultLayouts.xml




thank you -- but my question was how to link store apps to my desktop


Since MS explicitly does not allow this functionality in Win11, my question should be understood as more than negative feedback