Win11 23H2: November update (KB5032190) removed copilot

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I had enabled copilot on my system and was using it, located in the US. 


After the Windows 11 23H2 November update (KB5032190),  Copilot was removed from my system.

The icon was removed from the taskbar, the option is no longer there under personalization. 


Win+C does nothing. 


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Update: I was able to fix this by going in to local group policy

User Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> Windows Components --> Windows Copilot

Change "Turn off Windows Copilot" from not configured to disabled, reboot.


It seems there is a bug in the update where it's considering "not configured" to be enabled.

The description for the setting says that not configured should have the same effect as disabled.

I had similar problems getting Copilot to appear after installing the latest update. After trying all of the fixes others have mentioned (e.g., adjusting registry and group policy settings) and reinstalling Windows (which didn't resolve the problem), I was able to fix the problem by updating the driver for my Nvidia video card. It appears the old driver was incompatible and prevented Copilot from executing. Updating the driver fixed the problem immediately. Good luck!