Win10 layout and non working start menu in Audit Mode when using AMD GPU on Win11

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This is very strange but very consistent.

We have devices with AMD GPUs and when deploying the Install.esd to the device for ThinImage creation, everything work. We boot the device into Audit mode and everything is correct. We then Sysprep /Generalize and capture an Image. We then deploy that image and when we enter Audit Mode this time, we see a Win10 layout and a non working start menu. This happens every time and also when we capture a totaly clean image without any changes from the Install.esd installation. After we then Sysprep the device to OOBE everything works again.

This doesn't happen with a Nvidia GPU, not once.


The date fix and IrisService /f fix doesn't help.


This is with build 194.

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Hi, same issue here, I couldnt find help. Do you resolved it?