Win 11 update disappeared?!

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So I was going to update to win 11 yesterday. But it failed two times, once because of to little space and once due to some kernel error. So today i updated bios, removed an app that could interfear with the installation. So I started windows update after this and the prompt to upgrade to win 11 was still there. I started the download and the installation again. But this time it just disappeared.. And after restarting the computer the prompt to update is no longer there..

Any one know what to do?

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When you attempt to check for update, it doesn't give you option to upgrade to Windows 11, is that correct?
If that is the case, I believe Microsoft detects some issue with your device and suspend the update for your device. If that is the case, when the problem have been fixed, then you would be able to see the update again.
You may download and install the Windows 11 and perform manual upgrade but I recommend you to wait for the update to be ready instead of performing manual update.
Yes, it does not give me the option to upgrade. It still says that im eligable for the windows 11 upgrade and that they are preparing it. But i still dont understand that a failed install attempt that ended with the system rolling back to previous installation removed me from the option to try to install it again.

@Swonko  could you share your device specifications?

the exact same thing happened to me yesterday
( installation finished , device had to be rebooted)
during reboot update stuck at 85%, bluescreen error and device went back to win 10

I have ASUS scar2 (i-7 8750h ,  rtx 2060)

the updated disappeared around 16 hours ago yesterday after my 3rd attempt to upgrade to win 11
I had about 175GB empty storage space so maybe the upgrade was faulty?


There might have been issue with drivers, you may check Windows installer log files and see what might causing this issue.
Take a look at:
i5 10600k
Found an alternate way of installing through the Installation assistant.

have you tried deleting the update by going into windows storage and in the temp files it will have windows update:clean up 

it will have a big file size hard to miss @Swonko 

I'm having this issue too, been putting off the installation for weeks but now decided I'd upgrade, but now no option is there in my settings? Used the installation assistant too and that failed at step 3? What can I do? My system definitely meets the requirements.
When there is a failure during the upgrade, there is anonymous data collection of failure and submit log files (unless you disable this option) and when Microsoft detects number of failures due to same source like driver , PC model, etc. they will pause the update for the device. You don't have to worry and should should just wait for a while and when your device is ready, you will see option to upgrade.
How do i disable that option?


What option are you referring to?