Win 11 taskbar opens at top of screen on PC Boot

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I have trie dozens of permutations of my title, but all results primarily point to people wanting to move the taskbar of their own choice. This is not my problem - I have seen so many people telling us the taskbar should default to the centre bottom of the screen.

My Problem is this (please read carefully and don't give me a standard answer that the taskbar is fixed by microsoft):

I power up my PC

The "press del" for BIOS acces appears
I get my PC's mobo opening screen
I get the windows wallpaper screen (currently that blue swirly wallpaper - nice)

I enter my PIN

I see my apps on the left of the main screen (normal) but the taskbar is occasionally locked at the top of the screen and is covering the top apps icons

Nothing I can do lets me move the taskbar back to where it should be - i.e. at the bottom of the screen

The only workable fix I have is to press the reset button on my PC - that does work nearly all times, but it should not be the answer.


Win 11 pro


installed 14 December 2021

OS 22000.739

Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.739.0


About the only thing I have different may be that I run three monitors as a single screen - I have used this ultrawide display since I installed an RTX 3090 graphics card (18+ months ago) and this visual real estate has become a must - especially the ability to have multiple graphics apps running and can even add a pen touch graphics tablet as "fourth" screen.

My taskbar normally defaults to the bottom of the left hand screen




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