Win 11 Snipping tool issues

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Came from Win 7 to Win 11 and noticed how much less user friendly the Snipping Tool is compared to the old counterpart.


1. Biggest issue - On high resolution displays (3K+) it does not scale the pasted image to same size. Thus, if I drag and snip something in the view, and paste that image to an email for example, the result is huge in size compared to what it was snipped. Example at the end of this post (snipped this text and pasted it into email.. it stretches all over the screen at full resolution). Display resolution is 3200x2000 with 200% scaling. Everything else looks and sizes normally, only the snipping tool pasted images go totally whack.


2. When clicking on the Snipping Tool icon (keeping mine on the taskbar), why doesn't it go into snipping mode right away? Instead have to make another click to 'New' in order to start the action. In Windows 7 it started the snipping action immediately with no extra click necessary.


3. After dragging over an area to snip and let go of mouse button.. why doesn't it bring up the snipped image? Instead it stays in the background and now have to click on the icon again in order to see it to make markings on it with a pen, or to hit save, etc.

If you are trying to save a click here by copying it to the clipboard for immediate pasting, why not save a click when starting up the whole thing?


4. After the snip is taken, and brought to view in the tool, it is too small. In order to see anything inside the tool window, one must first drag the window bigger, to actually see the image in order to make any edits on it.


So many things about it seem totally backwards and take way longer to be actually useful. Make it behave like it was in Windows 7, which is actually useful and speeds up process. In Win 11 it's all upside down.


Pasted image sample, issue with the scaling:




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@HarriK reviving your post, I have the exact same 4 issues as yourself, May 2024 they are still a problem.


My main one is #1 the scaling when pasting into an email, it's huge and has to be resized every time, and #4 which are both related to the 3k screen I have on my laptop.


Was a solution ever found? I can;t seem to see many other posts like your in forums that offer any solutions.

Press Win + Shift + S to start snipping immediately. This keyboard shortcut is available in Windows 11 and will open the Snipping Tool directly.
oh, it really works fine! thanks !