Win 11 HDMI/usb3c not working

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There are many posts in regard to using the USB3c socket for HDMI connectivity - , looking at settings/display/ multiple monitors states no monitor detected.


Since on Win 10 with the same setup etc, there is no issue, I suggest that this is a Win111 issue which Microsoft should accept as an issue.



USB3c HDMI adapter not working in Win11 – fine in win 10 (i.e. not cable  issue issue)

USB 3c file with memory stick on win 11 works fine  (i.e. not usb3c socket issue)

HDMI adapter in std USB3 socket in Win 11 doesn’t work either.

Updating drivers, or looking for more recent drivers, makes  no  difference.

Tried on 2 different laptops same  issue.

Straight HDMI into win 11 laptop HDMI  socket no issue


Graphics Intel UHD 600 (

USB host controller (Microsoft 10.0.22621.2506)

USB root (Microsoft 10.0.22621.2861)

? win 11 driver issue?

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