WiFi is not working after installing kb5011493 update

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Today my PC installed the kb5011493 update without me in the room. After I woke it up from sleep, it just couldn't connect to the network (an open network where you have to register on a web page). I restarted it, run troubleshooting, started the PC again, turned off the VPN - nothing helped. Everything was working fine on my cellphone. So I uninstalled the kb5011493 update (just a regular uninstall from Settings -> Update) and WiFi is working fine now. But Windows 11 wants to install kb5011493 again. 

Can I skip it somehow? Can Microsoft fix this issue? Is there something I can do to make kb5011493 work?
I understand that I cannot uninstall SSU, right? 


Edit: I can no longer use VPN or the WiFi won't work. It used to work fine with VPN. 

Edit 2: I've installed the update again and now it works. But I have to turn off the VPN. 

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I have the same problem. Deinstallation solves the problem, but is not a permanent solution. @ms We urgently need a fix for this issue!
Same problem for me today. A fix would be really appreciated @ms
Same problem for us today. This update broke the wifi and ethernet device drivers, and now the laptop doesn't detect hardware network devices.

I too have the same problem after KB5011493 was installed.  Not only is wifi not working, Device Manager shows I have no wifi adapter.  Uninstalling the update resolves the problem.  My hardware is a HP Pavilion.  Knowing this update is truly important, please resolve this issue quickly.


This same issue has happened over the last 4 months when updates are automatically applied, but I've just uninstalled those updates without complaining.