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WIAExtensionUI not loading after replacing "%11%" (directory number) with "%%SystemRoot%%\System32

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Hi All,


We have developed a WIA extension UI dll component as part of our feature enhancement. We are using %11% (directory number) to register this DLL as mentioned in the documentation "".


Now with Win 11, Microsoft is not allowing usage of %11%, instead suggesting to use "%%SystemRoot%%" instead.

Code 1258, File path "%11%" in registry may be incorrect in some contexts, use %%SystemRoot%% instead.

We made the changes accordingly as shown below.


HKCR,CLSID\{7C1E2309-A535-45b1-94B3-9A020EE600C7},,,"WIA Minidriver UI Extension"





But this is not working properly. Our WIA extension DLL is not getting loaded when executing from WIA application.


When we checked, we could see that the WIA extension DLL is registered with the file path, as shown below.



Is this as expected? 


We had changed our WIA mini driver dll to %systemroot% recently, but it is getting registered with the full system32 path (C:\Windows\System32) as can see below.



So, we are analysing why these behavioural differences, but we didn't get any solution. 

Anyone can help us to get this resolved?


Thanks in advance,


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