Why is Add-WindowsCapability so slow for RSAT?

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We install RSAT for our technicians by using:


 Get-WindowsCapability -Name RSAT* -Online | Add-WindowsCapability -Online​ 


The download/install is incredibly slow, averaging about ~15 minutes per RSAT tool. There's a total of 21 RSAT tools to install so do the math. 

  • No network/traffic blocks. This works just as slow on an open home internet network.
  • No difference between a one-liner approach or foreach logic
  • WUServer is 0 in HKLM path of the registry
  • CBS.log shows about ~10 minutes of Download Progress 49/100 (always at the 49/100 mark)
  • DISM.log doesn't show anything useful



    Quick googling shows a lot of other people experience slowness. If we can't rely on Windows Update CDN, what's the alternative? 

    Separately downloading, extracting, and storing the content on a network share is cumbersome for each time a new build/FU comes out.



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Same here... took almost 7h to install all RSAT Tools :(
Can confirm this is beyond ridiculous. About 36 MBs for what I was downloading taking literal hours