Why is Add-WindowsCapability so slow for RSAT?

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We install RSAT for our technicians by using:


 Get-WindowsCapability -Name RSAT* -Online | Add-WindowsCapability -Online​ 


The download/install is incredibly slow, averaging about ~15 minutes per RSAT tool. There's a total of 21 RSAT tools to install so do the math. 

  • No network/traffic blocks. This works just as slow on an open home internet network.
  • No difference between a one-liner approach or foreach logic
  • WUServer is 0 in HKLM path of the registry
  • CBS.log shows about ~10 minutes of Download Progress 49/100 (always at the 49/100 mark)
  • DISM.log doesn't show anything useful



    Quick googling shows a lot of other people experience slowness. If we can't rely on Windows Update CDN, what's the alternative? 

    Separately downloading, extracting, and storing the content on a network share is cumbersome for each time a new build/FU comes out.



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Same here... took almost 7h to install all RSAT Tools :(
Can confirm this is beyond ridiculous. About 36 MBs for what I was downloading taking literal hours
Even though you mentioned that WUServer is set to 0 in the registry, there might still be some underlying issues with the connection to the Windows Update server. It's worth double-checking your network configuration and firewall settings to ensure there are no blocks or slowdowns related to accessing Windows Update.
While Windows Update CDN should typically provide fast downloads, there could be issues with the CDN itself or with your connection to it. Unfortunately, if the CDN is slow or experiencing issues, there's not much you can do to speed up the process using Add-WindowsCapability.

The "Add-WindowsCapability" command can sometimes appear slow, especially when dealing with Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT). This is because the command is essentially downloading and installing various server roles and features, which can take time depending on your internet speed and system resources.

RSAT is a collection of tools that allows administrators to manage and configure various server roles and features remotely. When you use the "Add-WindowsCapability" command to install RSAT, it installs multiple components, including tools for managing Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, File Services, Print Services, and more.