Why are some apps so hard to uninstall in windows 11?

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Windows 11 is great, but the process of removing some apps can be quite difficult and should be fixed.


Some app won't allow you to uninstall until you answer the app's question....'Reason of uninstalling'.....I want apps uninstalled whenever I click uninstall and not to be taken to some stupid questionnaire that won't let me uninstall the app until I answer the question. I think the app's developers are abusing the uninstallation process to force users to answer questions before it can be removed. Please fix this issue, if I click uninstall, i want it uninstalled and not forced to answer some stupid question, thanks.

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Yes, this kind of activity is more frequently occurring on Windows 11. For some ridiculous app, you have to choose some reason even for closing the app not uninstalling. I suggest using some dedicated app uninstaller to erase the painful experience.

Firstly, certain applications are deeply integrated into the operating system to provide essential services or functionality. These could be system apps or utilities that Windows relies on for its operations. Removing them could potentially affect the system's stability or functionality, so the process is not made straightforward.


Secondly, permissions play a significant role. Some applications require administrator permissions to install or modify system files and settings. If an app has been installed with elevated privileges, it might also necessitate similar permissions to uninstall. Users without administrator access might find it difficult or impossible to remove these apps without the necessary permissions.