Why Am I Getting the Quick-Books Administrator is Editing the User Information Message?

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Why am I receiving the 'Q.B Administrator is Editing the User Information' message when I try to manage user settings? I'm the administrator and need to update user information in Quick-Books, but this notification keeps appearing and prevents me from making changes. How can I proceed with editing user details despite this message? 

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Hi @MichaelRDaigre 


The "Quick-Books Administrator is Editing the User Information" message typically appears when the administrator is modifying user settings or permissions. This alert prevents multiple changes being made simultaneously, ensuring data integrity and security. Common scenarios triggering this message include:

  1. User Role Changes: The administrator is adjusting user roles or access levels, which can only be done by one user at a time.

  2. User Information Updates: Changes to user details like passwords, contact information, or preferences are being made.

  3. System Maintenance: During routine maintenance or troubleshooting, the administrator might need exclusive access to user settings.

  4. Conflict Prevention: This feature helps avoid conflicts and ensures that user information changes are consistent and accurate.

To resolve this issue, wait for the administrator to complete their updates. If you continue to see the message, check with your administrator to ensure no ongoing updates. Additionally, ensure you have the latest Quick-Books updates installed.


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