WHEA Logger. A corrected Hardware Error has occurred.

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Hello Everyone,


I keep getting the following error in Event Viewer and was wondering how I could fix it. It says to find more data in the details section but it is just raw data. I'd appreciate if someone could help me decipher what is causing this issue. 


Here is the link to the error and the raw data:



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Here are some general steps you can try to resolve the WHEA Logger error:

1. Check your hardware components: Hardware issues can often trigger WHEA-Logger errors. Make sure all the hardware components are properly connected and functioning well.

2. Update device drivers: Missing or outdated drivers can also cause hardware errors. Make sure all your device drivers, including motherboard and chipset drivers, are up to date.

3. Check system memory: Faulty or problematic RAM can cause hardware errors. Use Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool to check your system memory for errors.

4. Adjust power settings: Improper power settings can cause hardware errors. Adjust your power settings to Balanced or High Performance mode.

5. Reset BIOS settings: Incorrect BIOS settings can trigger hardware errors. Reset your BIOS settings to their default values.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, you may need to consult a professional technician to thoroughly diagnose the issue.