What the heck you microsoft doing with windows 11 ??? you totally RUINING our gaming laptops !!!

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I have literally reinstalled  your weird win 11 5 times and still same problem !!! 

I have intel i7 11800H with 32gb ram with CRAP intel uhd internal graphic SADLY and RTX 3060 

but your windows TOTALLY ignoring mine settings !!! I have set RTX 3060 graphics in nvidia settings to run with but it keeps happily running on uhd intel poor graphics !! month or 2 ago it was all fine ! But now ALL MESS ONLY ! I have game warzone 2.0 and I have only 50 -60 fps and before I had  80 90 ! 

intel+nvidia+windows+game !!! intel interfering and overriding  3060 nvidia ignoring your custom setting because it says there ''windows now manages selection of gpus... now windows is most suspicious and guilty as it ignores even if u set game to high performance.. and who know game too .. you can do whatever settings you want it will still be running out of **bleep** intel uhd graphics and occasionally nvidia will engage

Clearly in taskbar performance RTX 3060 just chilling and not outputting 100% but only 10% while  crap uhd intel 50% or more ... So looks like windows ignoring mine custom settings !! tha tI have set to high performance or I have set RTX 3060 to run not intel!





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Hi Pedro, are you using any external monitor? I know that my laptop for example only uses the Nvidia GPU when I connect my external monitor to the HDMI port. All other ports will use the standard GPU. And the local laptop display also uses the standard GPU.



Hiya  yes I have Samsung tv 4k@120  but I don't think so what you saying is true because I never had problems month or two ago... All was running well even when warzone 2.0 released was running ok but two or 4 weeks ago all it started messing up. Warzone 1  always perfect .. What is the problem is that windows started messing with graphic setting and arranging and adding some features like some hardware gpu accelerated scheduling or optimizations  which is core problem for  dual graphics laptops... so now nvidia control panel setting is completely ignored and is overridden by poor windows settings which has no idea about laptops which has switching GPUs and which will mess up laptops which has optimus... so intel integrated graphics with dedicated nvidia graphics.. ! 

I have laptop connected from thunderbolt 4 to usb-c to hdmi Sabrent adapter running 4k@120 on 55'' samsung TV  desktop runs perfectly but as soon as I start warzone 2.0 the performance is jumping up n down ... I have set RTX 3060 to be on max performance but when I check GPU nvidia utilization it is not always on 99% as it used to be bu **bleep** is jumping up n down 50% or 40% 60% which is completely WRONG ! I had it constantly on 99% before fans were on max .. now I barely hear fans.. So it means it absolutely no running on max performance as it used to... So something is clearly messed up... I have even MSi center pro where is performance set to high performance but windows clearly overridden it as well and ignores it .. So microsoft clearly made some gpu features based on Desktops only and laptops with only dedicated gpus but somehow forgot that there are laptops with two GPus switchable and now windows using only integrated gpu intel poor uhd while RTX nivida is forgotten.

I think this is the core problem...

I have even desktop PC mini ITX which is 2 years old and I have there nivida gtx 1660 super  which is 5x slower than RTX 3060 and I have double fps on it than on the laptop same game I have like 80 fps  and laptop is one year old 11th gen  with barely hitting 60 fps.. no matter what gpu settings are in game.. but before it was running same 80 -85 fps  so someone either intel or nvidia or micorsoft or game screwed up something...