What's the best PDF to word converter for PC?

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I'm currently looking for recommendations on the best PDF to Word converter for PC. I need a tool that can handle a variety of PDF documents, including those with complex layouts, images, and various fonts, and convert them into editable Word files without losing the formatting.


I would appreciate suggestions based on personal experiences, particularly noting the software's accuracy, ease of use, and any features that stand out. Price is also a consideration, so I'd like to hear if there are good free options or if it's worth investing in a paid version. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Though Microsoft Word is able to open PDF file and convert it to DOCX, there are a lot of advance elements are missing from the converted Word document. So it is more recommended using a dedicated PDF to Word Converter instead, such as PDFGeeker. With it, you can easily convert PDF to Word without losing quality and layout:  




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Here are best PDF to Word converters for Windows PC:


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: This is a premium PDF to Word converter software offering from the creators of the PDF format. It provides a highly reliable and robust set of tools for converting PDFs to Word documents and other formats. It’s particularly good at maintaining formatting and layout.

Nitro PDF Pro: Known for its impressive features and ease of use, Nitro PDF Pro offers excellent PDF conversion options, including to Word. It also includes features for editing and securing PDFs.
Foxit PDF Editor: Offers a powerful PDF conversion engine that can handle complex documents with ease, preserving layouts, images, and fonts accurately.

PDFelement: A cost-effective alternative with robust PDF conversion, creation, and editing capabilities. It balances features and affordability and is easy to use.

Smallpdf: A versatile online PDF to Word converter tool that also offers a desktop version for offline conversions. It's user-friendly and efficient, though the free version has some limitations in daily usage.

Zamzar: An online file conversion tool that supports a wide range of formats, including PDF to Word. While not a dedicated desktop app, it’s useful for occasional conversion needs without installing software.

Ah, I totally get where you're coming from. Converting PDFs to Word documents with complex layouts can be a bit of a headache sometimes. One tool that I've personally used and found to be quite reliable for this task is PDF2Doc.

PDF2Doc is a best online PDF to Word converter that has worked well for me when it comes to handling various types of PDF documents. It does a good job of preserving the original formatting, images, and fonts in the converted Word file. I've found that it's pretty user-friendly, and the conversion process is quick and easy.

Another cool thing about PDF2Doc is that it allows you to select specific pages or ranges of pages to convert, which can be really helpful if you only need certain parts of the PDF in Word format.

So, if you're looking for a no-frills,best PDF to Word converter for PC that gets the job done without any extra bells and whistles, I'd definitely recommend giving PDF2Doc a try. It's been a solid go-to tool for me, and I hope it proves helpful for you too!


When you're looking for a PDF to Word converter for Windows, there are a few good options out there based on what you need. If you're after a free PDF to word converter that's easy to use, I'd suggest giving PDF2GO or Smallpdf a try. They handle straightforward PDF to Word conversions quite well, especially if your documents aren't overly complex.


However, if your PDFs include complex layouts, images, and various fonts that you want to keep intact, then a paid converter like Adobe Acrobat might be the way to go. It's one of the best PDF to Word converters in terms of maintaining the original formatting and detail. The cost is higher, but it's a solid investment if you're dealing with complicated documents regularly.

One highly recommended PDF to Word converter for PC is UniPDF. UniPDF is a lightweight and easy-to-use software that allows you to convert PDF files to Word documents quickly and efficiently. It supports batch conversion, preserving the original layout and formatting of the PDF files. UniPDF also offers a simple and clean interface, making it user-friendly for all levels of users. Making it a great option for converting PDFs to Word documents.

No one mentions Foxit PDF Editor? It is one of the best PDF to Word Converter software for PC in the world. You can easily convert PDF to Word document without losing quality. And catch convert is supported by default. The only problem is that the price is too high! 159 USD per year! However, there are many free and cheap PDF to Doc/DOCX converter available. You can check out them from the above recommendations.

Do you know Freepdfconvert.com? that meets your criteria. I've used it many times,as a PDF to word converter for PC, Freepdfconvert.com is a convenient and reliable option for converting PDF files to Word documents while being easily accessible through any web browser.


Sure thing! I'd recommend checking out Nitro PDF Pro for converting PDFs to Word. It's really good at keeping all the formatting straight, even with complex layouts and funky fonts. The interface is super easy to use, too. It's not free, but it might be worth the cash if you've got a lot of detailed files to handle.


See it: https://download.cnet.com/nitro-pdf-pro/3000-18497_4-75126128.html


If you're after something free, PDFMate PDF to Word Converter Free is decent for simpler stuff and can handle batch conversions. But for really detailed PDFs, paying up for Nitro might just save you a headache or two.

If you have enough time and no confidential information in your PDF file, then you can use online PDF to Word converter for your PC, such as iLovePDF, SmallPDF, etc...


iLovePDF (https://www.ilovepdf.com/pdf_to_word) is the best online PDF to Word Converter as far as I know. This powerful tool offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to easily convert your PDFs to editable Word files in just a few clicks. 


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What sets iLovePDF apart from other conversion tools is its efficiency and accuracy. The converter preserves the original layout and formatting of your PDFs



There are many PDF to Word converter available here and online to convert PDF to Word, but whichever PDF to Word converter you choose, please avoid downloading and installing converters from unknown sources, as they may contain malware or compromise the security of your computer. The most important thing is to backup your original PDF files before converting them to Word to avoid data loss in case of conversion errors or file corruption.

Adobe Acrobat is the best PDF to Word converter for PC. I have been using it for years and converted hundreds of PDF files to .doc or .docx document. It retains the original images and table formatting. No problem with the software after upgrading to Windows 11. You can download it from here:




P.S. You should have a high profile computer to run this PDF to Word Converter as it consumes more hardware resource than normal apps.


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I do not recommend using online tool as a PDF to word converter. especially if you need to convert large PDF files or multiple files at once. Uploading large files to an online converter requires a stable and high-speed internet connection. If your internet connection is slow or unreliable, it may take a long time to upload the large PDF file, resulting in a poor user experience.


Don't you konw that Word can convert PDF to word doc without another app or website. Just follow: File > Open, then select the PDF file.


Only works on true PDFs not scanned images; I haven’t had to try it with any image PDFs that have had OCR applied. It’s worked better for me than other websites/apps, especially for PDFs with background images or watermarks.


ps:If this method didn't work with you, maybe online tool is your last choice:  https://www.ilovepdf.com

Don't try online pdf to word converter!!!

All of them have page limits and don't support large PDF files. There are many free and paid PDF to Word Converter for PC. Go with them instead!
I highly recommend SmallPDF! It's a free PDF to Word converter for PC, user-friendly, and ridiculously powerful tool that can handle even the most complex PDFs with ease. SmallPDF's conversion process is lightning-fast, even for large files.



If you are looking for best PDF converter, I would say Foxit PDF Editor and one more tool is Systweak PDF Editor, these are the two best pdf converter software you can use and fix all your problems related to PDF like convert, edit, compress, rotate, sign, protect, read pdf, merge your pdf and many more tasks you can easily complete using these amazing tools.

@Nataliecia I would recommend to give this pdf to docx converter a try: https://slidespeak.co/free-tools/convert-pdf-to-word. It's free too!