What is the best way to convert raw image to pdf on Windows 11?

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I pulled off hundreds of images from my camera on my Windows 11 PC. However, those images are with an unknown extension (.raw). I was trying to open it with the Photos app but it does not work. How Can I convert RAW to PDF so I can. print them out on Windows 11? Free and paid solutions are welcomed unless it is working fast in batch.

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Sharing a free software called HEIC Converter that can convert HEIC image to PDF. You can upload your files, select the output settings, and download the converted PDF. It's a simple and easy-to-use option.
There is an app called HEIC to PDF you can find in Microsoft Store. It is the right app to help you convert heic image to pdf on Windows 11 or Window 10 PC. However, the converted images will lost exif data and some quality. Please be noted!