What is the best way to convert heic to png on Windows 11 for large amount?

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I've recently upgraded to Windows 11 and find myself in need of converting a large number of HEIC images to PNG format so I can edit and share with others. These images (around 600) are copied from my iPhone 14 Pro Max.


I'm looking for an efficient and reliable method that can handle bulk conversions without compromising the quality of the images. It's important that the process is streamlined and doesn't require extensive manual intervention, as I'm dealing with hundreds of photos.


Could anyone suggest the best approach for converting .heic to .png on Windows 11? Ideally, I'm looking for a solution that balances ease of use with functionality, and it would be great if it's something that won't be too heavy on system resources. Any tips or personal experiences with specific tools would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey there! Converting a boatload of HEIC files to PNG on Windows 11, especially from your iPhone 14 Pro Max, can sound like a daunting task, but it's totally doable and can be surprisingly smooth.


First off, Batch Conversion is Key. You want a tool that lets you convert all those photos at once, because who has the time to do it one by one, right?


1. Use a Dedicated Conversion Software:

There are tons of these out there. Some popular ones include TunesBro HEIC Converter, Dr.HEIC or AnyConv. These apps are usually pretty straightforward: you load your HEIC files and then export them as PNGs. They often come with options to keep the original quality, which is a big plus.

Learn more: https://www.tunesbro.com/user-guide/heic-converter.html



2. Adobe Photoshop: If you've got Photoshop, it can handle HEIC files and save them as PNGs. This is more if you want to do some editing before converting, but it's a solid, if not overqualified, option.


3. Online Converters: If you're not keen on downloading software, online converters like CloudConvert or Online-Convert can be lifesavers. Just keep in mind the upload and download time, plus the privacy concerns with uploading your photos online..

Most converters are not too heavy on resources, but if you're running other intensive apps, you might see some slowdown.

Hello @Betterbuckz.

You could try using Pixillion Image Converter.


I don't agree with Solovyev2120's suggestion for using online converters. Using an online HEIC converter can be a convenient and quick solution, especially if you don't frequently need to convert HEIC files to another format like JPEG or PNG.

However, it is not recommended for bulk conversion. First, uploading and downloading a large number of files can be time-consuming, especially if you have a slow or limited internet connection. This process can be significantly slower compared to using a desktop heic converter, which usually comes natively support for batch convert.

Mostly importantly, uploading image files to an online service always carries a risk of privacy breaches. It's important to consider the sensitivity of your data and the privacy policy of the converter service. Not all services guarantee the security of your files or their deletion after conversion.

In short, online HEIC converters are a great tool for occasional, small-scale conversions,. However, you should find that a dedicated desktop application offers more reliability, faster processing, better quality control, and enhanced security for bulk conversions, especially in a professional or time-sensitive context.