What happens if I update to 11 from 10 if I'm still using free 10

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Hi everyone / Anyone. I bought a new pc just a few months ago and stuck with free Win 10 as I knew I was going to upgrade to 11 but now that it's here and been offered in the updates I have checked a few reviews and needed to check before updating.

I bought my pc for music and run Presonus. Usually it takes a few months after a new OS comes out for all the drivers to be updated so was a bit sceptical of updating right away. But the main concern was will I need to buy a licence for 10 before updating or will it just update me as a full operating windows 11.


Just in case would I also need to know anything else since I'm running the free Win 10 to update.

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If you bought a new computer with Windows, I think you have a digital license, so if this computer meets the requirements for Windows11 - you can upgrade to a higher version for free.

@A1 Hi, thanks for replying. technically it was a custom build music pc, so just a generic copy from the MS site. It has the activate windows watermark, so it's not even classed as home / Pro edition.

I can get a cheap win 10 home licence if necessary but just thought if i don't have to i wouldn't.

Activate the system using your Microsoft account and buy a license for Windows - it will be all right!