What causes QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118?

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I just purchased a new QuickBooks and tried to open it, but I keep receiving QuickBooks error 3371 status code 11118 on my screen. I don’t know if I activated it incorrectly or if there are some issues with the program. Can someone please help me?

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Hi, marvincoleman46

Issues when activating the QuickBooks program or opening it just after the activation can appear if the program’s registration “registration.dat” file is damaged or missing.

Other than that, using an outdated version of the Windows operating system can also be one of the reasons why you can’t open the QuickBooks program. Let’s move to the below section to fix QuickBooks error 3371 status code 11118:

Firstly, download the most recent version of Windows and then try again to launch the QuickBooks program. If you are still encountering the error, let’s fix the registration.dat file issues by following the below steps:

1. Close QuickBooks Desktop and download the most recent version of Tool Hub ( from Intuit’s official site.
2. Save the downloaded file in the Download folder and then open it by double-clicking on it.
Adhere to the on-screen instructions and then agree with the product’s terms and conditions to start the installation.
3. Once done, click on the Tool Hub’s icon to launch it.
4. Now, go to the Installation Issues tab.
5. Run the 3371 Error Fix tool to run it.

Once done, try again to launch the QuickBooks program and make sure QuickBooks error 3371 status code 11118 (https://www.myminifactory.com/stories/troubleshooting-quickbooks-error-3371-in-no-time-6619048c50910) is fixed.
What worked for me was to give QuickBooks a little nudge by reactivating it. Here's what I did: First, I closed QuickBooks and made sure it wasn't running in the background. Then, I went ahead and rebooted my computer. Sometimes, a simple restart can work wonders.

Thanks for the solutions! I tried all of them, but unfortunately, none seemed to fix the [ERROR]. Just wanted to let you know in case there might be another solution or workaround. I'll also be contacting support to see if they have any further insights.


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