What Are the Latest Updates for Fixing Q.B Pay-roll Error PS038?

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I'm running across the PS038 Quick-Books Pay-roll problem. How can I resolve this problem so that my pay-roll processing goes without a hitch?

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hi @xofodeb812,


Quick-Books Pay-roll Error PS038 occurs when there are issues with the pay-roll service key or connectivity problems during pay-roll updates. It typically prevents Q.B from downloading pay-roll updates successfully. To resolve this, ensure your Q.B Desktop is updated to the latest version. Verify the status of your pay-roll subscription to confirm it's active and correctly set up. Check your internet connection for stability and adjust firewall or antivirus settings if necessary to allow Quick-Books access. Refresh pay-roll updates by resetting Quick-Books updates. If problems persist, contact Intuit support for further assistance or consult a Q-B expert for tailored troubleshooting steps.

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