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W11 & W10 Pro - how to map a network drive while on VPN

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Configuring a SOHO home network for myself.  I have a NAS that I need to be able to access remotely through a VPN.  I am able to use Wireguard VPN, it connects to the router, I am able to ping the NAS and I have both port forwarding configured and I have network discovery turned on.  The last parts of the config for me are somethings I have never done before and cannot find through Googling.

I have never mapped any network drives while on VPN, I have only done it while on a LAN and I am able to successfully do that to my NAS but again, only on my LAN.  I tried to do the same process but cannot get the NAS to show up.  Here's what I do:


Open Windows Explorer (My PC)>Top of the window area locate "map network drive" and then I hit my dead end.  Just browsing for the NAS doesn't work - doesn't show up, and entering the info manuallly as in the typical "\\server\share" doesn't work either - it also doesn't show up there.


I feel like I am doing something wrong.


The last part of the project will be to enable the firewall on the router and add a port forwarding rule.


Thank you for the help.




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