Very annoying bug ! Can't type anything !!!

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Because of my computer is running 24 hr all day long, this is very annoying bug !  : (


After an average of 72 to 144 hours, the Windows 11's typing will failure that can not type anythin !!!!


Whether it is English input method, Chinese input method or Japanese input method.


But some key can work fine, like win-key, tab, arrow.....


The strange thing is that can still typing in google search bar in chrome.

Screenshot 2021-10-25 142415.png

And the virtual keyborad work fine.


How to resolve this bug ?

1. Restart PC


2. Just wait, wait 10~30min, everything will fine again.


I don't think such bug is from 3rd party software or hardware, because there is the same bug with clean windows 11 in Vmware.


Is this the built-in health system in win 11 ask me leaving computer to drink the coffie ?



Edition Windows 11 Pro N
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎2021/‎10/‎12
OS build 22000.282
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.282.0

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because this is not a stable version, so it is possible!

But I think restarting can fix it

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Releasing Windows 11 Build 22000.282 to Beta and Release Preview Channels | Windows Insider Blog

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I found a temporary solution without restarting the computer !

1. Open or switch to chrome then add new page.
2. Use tab button or mouse to select the search history in the search bar. Chrome will open the online google search result.
3. Click the google search bar in the result page, typing any English alphabet. And then switch the input method between English and TChinese, click the left-shift button when swith to TChinese. After repeat 3~5 times, you will find that this problem is magically fixed.

I success pass the bug 10 times using this method.

:) What the hell ?
Maybe only users of Traditional Chinese will encounter this BUG. So, it is not a common bug for English users.
I think restarting is more simple and ensures that updates and security are installed correctly, but I understand that you have reasons not to.
All updates and security are installed correctly.

Your use situation is different from mine. I have a very complicated software development environment that must be started manually each time restart computer.

If you just using pc to watch youtube or make some word or play game... etc, restart pc more than 1 times each day is ok.

But if you are the software developer, restart frequently IS ANNOYING BUG.


Because you wrote that you have properly installed updates - please write how you did it without restarting?

Perhaps this will be your second best answer – which will help others.

Thank you.


This explains why you run a complicated development program on a non-production version of Windows.

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