usb removal on windows 11 broke ejecting usb device on right of taskbar after most current update

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i recently connected with microsoft support to figure out why a new thumb drive was not recognized or any other upon troubleshooting a remote assistance i figured out it was a bug in the taskbar function to eject thumb drive or device it does not how ever if you use this pc right click and remove this way it properly removes and will remount properly removing and reinserting device back in the usb port if said occurrence does happen using the taskbar eject if you open the device manager you will see an exclamation mark by the device right click choose properties driver tab uninstall device then reboot do not use taskbar eject from there on use this pc then right click and eject media that way till fix is released i have duplicated this bug on 5 windows 11 pcs in the home reference number to windows support is 1036166306

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Upon further trouble shooting i have discovered that it is throwing code 38 the drivers are loading into memory but not unloading when a usb device is ejected