Update info blocked due to local admin account?

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Hi, my work laptop is very new (just around 2 weeks old) and it is fully compatible with Windows 11 but I never saw a message in Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update saying "Your PC meets minimum requirements for Windows 11, we will send you an update when it is ready" (something like this, I don't remember the exact wording) which comes up in all PCs. In my personal laptop, which doesn't meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11, I got the message saying I will never get Windows 11. My friends and anyone else's PC I have seen, all had this message informing them if the PC is eligible for Windows 11 update or not. But for some reason it never appeared in my work laptop, I am running Windows 10 Pro version 21H1 currently and PC Health Check app says my work laptop is eligible for Windows 11 update.


My work laptop has a local administrator account, which is used by the IT team to manage it and a normal user (a workplace account) that I use which also has administrator privileges. So, can local administrator account be the reason that the Windows 11 update message is not appearing? Is update to Windows 11 being specifically blocked? Since I have administrator rights I can check if it is blocked or not but I have no idea how to do it.


Also, if I do the update manually, using Windows 11 Installation Assistant then will it create a problem for my local administrator account? e.g. disable it?


P.S. I am not talking about Windows 11 update being ready to download and install (I know it will take a few months at least) but rather just the info message in Windows Update section saying that your PC is eligible for Windows 11 update.



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downloading the update assistant is the safest -It leaves , applications and system settings unchanged, but the installer will ask for a Microsoft account - so you should not do this without consulting your IT department.
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Hi, I have been through the 'Upgrade to Windows 11: FAQ', I don't see an answer for my specific question there.
I also have only a local account on one computer, but I get information, from Windows Update - so this is not the reason.
Surely the user does not have administrator rights and probably because of this you do not receive notifications - because you could not effectively install Windows11.
Of course, the reason may be different.