Unlock PC after locking it from "find my device "

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I have a win11 laptop with all updates installed.


There is a microsoft account user and another local user - both admins


For testing the lock behavior form MS online account, I locked the laptop  through "find my device -> lock".


On the laptop i attempted to sign in with both the MS account and local user account, but then I get an error stating: An administrator has restricted sign in. To sign in, make sure your device is connected to the internet, and have your administrator sign in first.


Which admin account does the message refer to? Both users on the laptop are administrators. I do not have the built in "Administrator" set up.


For the local account I get the above message immediately, for the MS account I get an option "forgot PIN" it seems to be doing something then immediately goes back to the local account login.


I expected that there is an UN-Lock setting in the online account "find my device" settings but there isn't any.

It doesn't make sense that you can lock a PC without having an unlock option in the same place, also 


Google searches only led me to inaccurate or non-working solutions.


How can I resolve this situation?


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Thank you for describing this issue, I'm facing exactly the same ans still not able to unlock my device. Very surprising that Microsoft didn't specify any procedure of how to unlock.
Hi Dave5Vben,
Could you please be more specific of how to signing in as administrator, because I'm the only user and administrator of the Laptop.