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Ungroup items on the Taskbar in Windows 11

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I need help on how to ungroup items on the Taskbar in Windows 11


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Whos idea was it not to allow ungrouped icons on the taskbar.   


Massively inefficient and thought Microsoft was meant to make your life easier and more efficient not the other way around.


I don't mind the pretty pictures we can now do but who really cares about them - give us back the increased efficiency @A1 

@Simple_Idiot_User_999  Hi

The Microsoft team has changed access to system tasks and the taskbar for security reasons, for sure the further development of Windows11 will partially restore some features for performance improvements - that's why there is this space for discussion and surely Microsoft engineers see all these posts.

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Couldn't agree more!  Can't think of a benefit Windows 11 provides that comes close to losing the ungroup feature.  Let me know how best to raise this issue so as to increase the chances it's addressed.



dont we all!!! What a stupid thing for MS to do. Why remove the option to do this!!!

Unfortunately this is no longer productive when you are switching windows a lot when developing code. 
It may be fine for your normal desktop user but not from a business viewpoint. 
I regret going to Windows 11 for this singular reason.

Brilliant @NextboxGlobal - thank you so so much .

Misguided attempt at creating a "cleaner" look results in sacrificing user ease-of-use and productivity.  Please restore this feature as soon as possible.  It's clear from the community's response that ungrouping was a popular and often-used feature.

I really dont like this new "feature" its not very productive at all.
So just run
When it is done, right click taskbar and chose "properties". Then change "Combine taskbar icons on main taskbar: to "never combine"" and "Combine taskbar icons on other taskbars: to never combine." And you have all icons ungrouped again.
Windows 11 is the first version which i does'nt install on my work machine, becouse of "THIS FEATURE". I dont wont to make pain to myself every work day. Give back ability to ungroup tasks in taskbar!

Microsoft, bring back the ungroup ability, and don't take credit for 'offering' a new feature.

Bring Back the ability to ungroup!!!!!

It's not right to lose this ability!!!
This is by far the WORST DECISION Microsoft could have made. Agree
@Pernille-Eskebo, seriously? You forgot to ask the actual users how important ungrouping icons is?
Yes, we need to bring back "Never Combine taskbar buttons' to taskbar settings!
Complete legend. What a dream. Thank you!
Does anyone from Microsoft read this thread? This is top urgent feature that needs to be restored. I just upgraded to win11 and the new taskbar is simply killing me.
I rolled back and blocked updates. I can't work like that.

With the taskbar app grouping, Windows 11 continues to be painful for multitasking. But Microsoft seems wholly focused on making a better looking volume indicator.

I don't know if this will ever be solved. I really don't know how someone who uses a computer for anything is able to do it with things grouped. Even my wife who is a basic user rolled back to Windows 10 and now even the printer doesn't work anymore.


Does anyone knows the release date for Windows 12?