Ungroup items on the Taskbar in Windows 11

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I need help on how to ungroup items on the Taskbar in Windows 11


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I fully agree with the other users on this thread that it is a terrible change by Windows to remove this option. As someone who recently updated from Windows 10, I would not have made this update if I had known about this problem beforehand.


I say I don't understand why they took away the option to ungroup items, but I think I do. The developers probably never click on the taskbar. They use ALT Tab to move between their open windows. So they probably see it as giving back some real estate instead of understanding that not everyone thinks as they do.


And although I'm a developer and use ALT Tab, I still want them ungrouped because I want to know what's open. With the tiny icons and everything grouped,  I can't tell if it's just sitting there waiting to be opened or I have 20 versions of excel open.

@RobertStewart I never donate to github projects... not a personal philosophy, just never found one that wasn't commercially sponsored and was worth donating to... until now. Worth every cent. Thanks for providing the link. Hopefully Microsoft fix W11 so it's not required, but if not... Valentin is plan B.



Thanks for providing that link. 1 minute to download, 1 minute to install and no more grouped task bars.


Took another 1 minute to donate!



Everyone should continue upvoting the main feedback items from as many devices as you have access to. Even if you have already decided to use other software.

Open up "Feedback Hub" and search for "taskbar combine". Upvote everything that is returned.

In the meantime rollback to Win10 if you can and prevent as many people as possible from moving to win11. Really, disuade everyone. Friends, family, everyone on social media. A low number of upgraders will get their attention if the 10's of thousands of feedback hub votes do not.

Once you are on win11, and have exceeded the 10 day rollback period, microsoft has no reason to address this problem, you are stuck. You have become a meaningless statistic in their MAU number.
I've been using explorerpatcher since the release of 11.
It restores the taskbar from Windows 10. You can also add a quick launch bar which is why I'll never use Windows 11 taskbar again.
Better yet: how about letting us choose which apps to group and which app not to group?

Great!!! Thank you

Totally disappointing. Hope to see MS add this feature back ASAP

Microsoft please fix your OS to allow users to ungroup items on the taskbar in Windows 11! This change is incredibly frustrating. New versions of software are supposed to be upgrades to the predecessor not downgrades. What a productivity drain.

agree, I hate to be unable to ungroup
Microsoft should bring back the feature. Removing the feature is counter productive!

I just installed W11, and, as I've previously done every time after a fresh install of 10, went to uncheck "group similar blah blah blah" because I actually like to be productive during the workday....






The development process of other software companies:
- Add features
- Add improvements
- Maintain consistency

The development process of Microsoft:
- Remove features
- Change the way features work and obfuscate them more over time
- Consistency, what's that?
- Change the structure and location of settings and improve hiding them better
Almost a year later and this simple thing has still not been fixed. This is wasting productivity every day for thousands of users :thumbs_up:
Microsoft needs to bring back this feature - it's not possible to drag items / files into grouped icons or grouped browser windows - if items are ungrouped, it's easier to drag & drop files on them - this grouped feature is most useless since it's inception right from Windows 7
How am I now expected to move files between two Windows Explorer windows?
If I have two explorer windows open in full screen, I used to be able to select some files and drag them to the taskbar and then select another Explorer whindw where I can drop these files. Same for drag&drop info between applications, i.e. two open Word windows.
In Win11, when I have a selection of data and drag it to the combined application button on the task bar, I cannot select the other open application window.
Yes, I can exit the applications from full screen mode, but that is not what I want.

Windows is always 'in development', i.e. they keep making updates. But it's not a beta version or something. It'll stay that way until they release Win12 which will no doubt have all the same issues as Win11 and older versions, along with some new ones.

@Cengo190 Doesn't work for ARM CPU's (although I already have it implemented on my AMD CPU devices, and donated to the project).