Ungroup items on the Taskbar in Windows 11

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I need help on how to ungroup items on the Taskbar in Windows 11


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@Brad Saide 


Oh okay, however, I think it's still one of the best solutions for almost all people.

@Cengo190 Thanks for the tip. To anyone thinking of trying this out though, do beware that messing with a core part of Windows is not without risk! It's a risk I personally don't want to take.

Thanks @RobertStewart that has been helpful so far in fixing 2 problems.
The drag and drop being missing, and also the grouping of icons.

That was fast, I can be happy again.

I noticed something though, since I installed ExplorerPatcher 2 hours ago, Windows manager is taking almost 6Gb of my ram, and search indexer 20% of my CPU. I can guess why this would happen, I'm not worried, just noting it. And I still rather have 6gb of my ram taken away, and 20% of my CPU, than have my icons grouped. Why why why, I just wanna khow why they're grouping m.
I can't believe I spent almost a year one click away from happiness.
Thank you


What a way to force your users to change OS after decades of core functionality. What a joke.
I guess windows devs are working with linux
Its hard developing an OS that fits the needs of everyone. Ideally what we need is options that lets every customise where they need it.

For the best way to feedback on your personal experience, I suggest either (or both), becoming a Windows Insider (which you do from settings, Windows Update) and leaving feedback via the Windows Feedback hub.

There are several themes on this and on a recent Community call - this was highly requested.

after reverse changes, i have problem with searching in start menu
dears, i tried but failed, when reversed back i have problem with search in start menu as it can type letter or two then stopped, can you help me?
I registered for this community forum so i can comment on how much i am disappointed with microsoft for getting rid of WINDOWS in the taskbar and instead grouped everything up to an icon. STOP BEING APPLE'S COPYCAT.
Yeah Baby!! So far so good. Thank you to everyone that posted this patch.

@NetboxGlobal   The forced grouping of taskbar items is infuriating.  I get it that some people--maybe a lot of people like their icons grouped.  However, I am not one of them and this is a feature which I would downgrade back to Windows 10 in order to get back. 

Unfortunately, on my work computer, add-in type applications are disallowed by my company's network.
I am working with two 42" 4K displays and most of the time I have at least 3-4 VS Code instances opened. I really see no reasons why Microsoft is forcing me to use 3rd party desktop hacks in order to be able keep on working the way I am used to. Combined taskbar items is very annoying as it does not allow me to click directly on the instance I want to work with, especially when considering the fact that I have 2 x 3840 pixels of total width available.



For the life of me I cannot fathom what the 'clever' people at MS were thinking... They are probably trying to see how many people they can get peeved off at them. Wow, just wow... Now just hoping they will be putting the ungroup functionality back.. Strongly thinking of making the jump to Linux... or back to windows 10... until they (holding my breath) fix their mess...