Ungroup items on the Taskbar in Windows 11

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I need help on how to ungroup items on the Taskbar in Windows 11


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@NetboxGlobal Sadly, you can't. This is the new hellscape delivered unto us.


It seems that it was decided that leaving icons grouped looked more pretty, despite it slaughtering productivity, and there is absolutly no way to ungroup taskbar icons in Windows 11 at this stage. 

Windows 11 is of course still in development, so suggest you log this feedback in the feedback hub as a "suggestion"

This is by far the WORST DECISION Microsoft could have made.  

Yes user habits and functionality of windows10 taskbar - has been bogged down for styling , forgot that system productivity is most important!
Yes please everyone make suggestions on this topic!



Yes I agree with you ,in this discussion there is a link directly to the opinion center please support!

Someone in Microsoft has followed the philosophy "When You Do Things Right, People Won’t Be Sure You’ve Done Anything at All". Which is terible for everyone.
They remove the feature. Then later add it back to be looked like heroes who listen to the customers.
Is there already a fix ?
I currently know nothing about it.
Odinstaluj to gówno jakim jest Windows 11 i wróć do Windows 10.


Taskbar customization helps users, so I expect Microsoft to respect user feedback!
i don't understand what you are talking about?

Hahahaha. "Microshit recpect user feedback" hahahahaha.
>Taskbar customization helps users
Where is "never combine"? Where is grouping icons in menu start?

Yes, I agree. W11 taskbar is stupid. We have to revert back to W10 or wait for Windows 12. As history showed us, every second release of Windows after W98 was somehow a scrap. ME, Vista, 8, 11. MS rules: when something is great and works, remove it, and make some new nonsense. Brand new things, brand new scrap.

@NetboxGlobal This guy should be given the Nobel Prize (restores Windows 10 taskbar and Quick Launch):

Please Microsoft, bring back the ungroup taskbar items functionality.
.dll replacement or "Winaero Tweaker" + "Class Start" if u want the "ungroup taskbar items" is inacceptable.

Microsoft only understand one language.
Do not upgrade!
I have TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot active for Win 11 Test, but I'm back to 10 now.
I get the Windows 11 Update reminder today. But i don't do it because of this simple missing feature that disrupt my productivity.
Im going to disable TPM and Secure boot when this reminder comes every day.

Im using a 32" UWQHD 21:9 Display and have very lager space for open apps.

At the moment there is no Point update to Win11 before 2025.

Hello, I found this online. It will bring back the labels in the taskmanager. https://github.com/valinet/ExplorerPatcher

MS needs to stop trying to make desktop windows into a bundle of desktop+tablet
I HATE this stupid taskbar and having to click on a button to access a menu...(start menu>apps) (right click+show more options)
nobody wants this crap in a desktop system people want to click and go not click click click and more click to do 1 thing
want to make a friendlier OS for tablets? then make a different one for tablets...
desktops are not touch screen (never seen a single person using a desktop with one)
isn't the whole point of a "start menu" to show me my applications so I can open them?
then why do I have to click on another button to see them?
and whoever came up with the idea of grouped buttons is the biggest idiot in microsoft and should be FIRED
it's about time microsoft listen to their users...so instead of messing with the UI which is pretty much a standard anywhere...
desktop with my files icon / taskbar with BUTTONS (not some grouped pile of utter).
wanna create something people would actually use? get rid of microsoft widgets and add support for 3rd party ones.
how about a cloud backup system with incremental snapshots so a person can restore their system from a certain day?
companies would pay fortunes just for this feature
be able to install windows and install off a cloud backup from the previous week where they got randomwared
as a windows user I demand the name of the dev that created grouped taskbar/system icons so we can create an online petition to have him fired.
Any moron that has such ideas and keeps bringing them again and again into windows countless times after people **bleep** about them on forums..on youtube etc...should and deserves to be fired to prevent such influences into the future of the windows OS.

@TiredOfYou https://github.com/valinet/ExplorerPatcher


Hello Everyone, you may use the above application from the Github to get back the taskbar the way you want it.


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