Unable to login into Windows 11 pin isnt available

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My daughter has done what she said 'a clean boot' to her pc running windows 11.


On switching the pc on, it comes up with her name as normal but says something has happened to the pin and it isnt available.


It says click to reset pin. Doing this just ends up in a loop of saying the pin is unavailable until it prompts you dont have the app and trys to send you to the app store which then just brings you back and the process starts all over again.


On holding shift and clicking restart, the only options are to start windows (which loops back to previously discussed) or advanded options. On clicking advanced options it has start up options. Ive tried to start in all the differnt safe modes but brings you back to the login. Only other option is to enter the BIOS but again eventually brings you back to login.


Ive downloaded a recovery to a usb.  You can see it in the BIOS. I can disable all other drive and boot from the recovery drive but still brings you back to the same windows login pin unavailble screen.


All the different help options ive found online dont have the same problems im having. They all seem to have extra options appear which i dont have.


Im a bit lost with is all now. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas before taking it to the pc repair shop.



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Are you able to exit from the Clean Boot?
You could switch the login method like login with password instead of PIN.