Unable to install Windows 11 with the resources at hand

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I am trying to install Windows 11 on an internal SSD disk with the following resources and information at hand:

  1. Desktop ASRock Z590 steel legend 10+11th generation Intel motherboard.
  2. Empty 120GB SSD,  waiting for the installation of the Windows 11 OS.
  3. 32Gb USB3.2 v1 Sandisk Windows 11 installation key. The Windows .iso download name is "Win11_23H2_English_x64v2" downloaded 24hours ago from Microsoft.
  4. Linux Mint Cinnamon 23.1 installation USB drive, which was used to create the Windows USB installation key.
  5. And that is it.
  6. The Mb identifies the installation USB as the boot drive, and the 120GB SSD as an existing drive.
  7. The Linux created USB key boots without any problems and displays the standard options. Use the GUI Install, or use the command prompt for the advanced mode (like DISKPART).

I am familiar with both installation methods, but neither recognizes the USB drive because of the missing RST drivers required for 10+generation motherboards. Please feel free to ask for any information, but to me, with this latest version of Windows installation key, they forgot to provide an installation route.

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Please consider the subject closed. The issue is with the motherboard RST driver as offered by ASRock