Trouble with the Paste option in Microsoft Paint, every first instance is deleted.

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This has been going on for months for me, Every time I have selected an object in Paint, I click on paste, but when I move it, it goes away, then I click paste again and the selection works, the only way to get around the first instance deleting itself is to flip it and I don't want to do that every time I paste something, is there anyone I can talk to about fixing this glitch or any coding to repair it if a patch hasn't been made of it? I've been trying to uninstall and reinstall it but the problem persists as if nothing has happened and is still present. It's been a major hindrance in my sprite work now and I could use any help as this time. Thank you for reading, I just hope someone can help.

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I have the same exact issue. Ever received a fix? It only happens in the same Paint doc that I copy and paste, not when I copy from another and paste into a different one.

@NM-STSomehow got fixed via a update for me, I couldn't figure out anything.

okay. thank you. I will be patient. ;o)