touchpad not working after upgrading to windows 11 dev channel from windows 10

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after signing up for insider program windows update upgraded me to windows 11 dev channel. Before upgrade touchpad worked fine everything worked fine. Laptop lenovo ideapad 5 came with windows 10. But the upgrade to 11 uninstalled the precision touchpad drivers. and now I have no way to use touchpad have to use a external mouse. Tried to go back to windows 10 but the upgrade also destroyed my backup restore settings leaving me with no choice but to keep 11. This laptop is 5 month old first owner. I never seen a laptop go down hill so fast. Lenovo support is not helping either. Their support sucks. The tool for getting a recovery image from lenovo also doesn,t work. So it is a broken windows 11 or go to linux and hope that will run on this. If anyone has found a solution for this please let me know.


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کمپانی اشپک اولین طراح و تولید کننده پمپ های فشار قوی پلانجری ازسال 1909 میلادی می باشد و بیشتر از 100 سال تجربه تولید انواع پمپ های صنعتی را در سه کارخانه همنام در آلمان را دارا می باشد. برای آشنایی بیشتر با کمپانی اشپک به وبسایت اشپک مراجعه کنید.

@norma5 I have the exact same problem with a Legion 5-15IMH05H (Lenovo) - Type 81Y6. 

I hope they find a solution soon