This build of os will expire soon

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Hii.. Can anyone tell me what to do?? Everytime when I turn on my lap a pop-up message displaying that "Your build of windows will expire on 15-09-2023. You should move to a new build as soon as possible." Currently I'm using the following windows spec


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Thanks for sharing the issue!

As it seems that this is a older build released back in June, 2023 and it would be best to go to the Windows Insider Settings first to make sure its still showing you are opting in for insider updates.

Then checking for updates to upgrade to the next build!

Or thou could download the 235... Dev Channel ISO from Microsoft!

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your response. But I am using beta channel's build. Can you please tell me the latest build version of beta channel..
You're welcome!

Here is the latest Beta Channel update though it is not avil in the ISO format.

Were thou able to find if windows update showed the next beta update?




You are not in the beta channel, you have a Dev version installed.

so you need to update in the Dev channel. - set the switch correctly to download updates.

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23486 | Windows Insider Blog

Couldn't they switch to beta as beta is still higher?
I used to use beta channel's build versions .. if I install dev channel's build is there any pI used to use beta channel build versions. If I switch to the dev channel and install a dev channel build, will there be any problems?



I switched to dev channel and tried to switch back to beta channel but I can't able to switch back... The beta channel is not available Screenshot (117).png

And I didn't install any updates from the dev channel
What build are you on right now?
Open notepad and paste:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Then save it as "Switch_to_Beta_Channel.reg" then run the file, click yes and restart the computer.


I am not sure of it..... Can you please tell me currently I am in which build and channel????Screenshot 2023-09-06 224536.png


You can download ISO (23526) and perform an update in place, of course about the beta version - forget it!


Flight Hub - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn


It means that I am now in dev channel..... So I don't need to worry about switching to beta channel right??? And now i got an windows insider update of version 23536...... There will be no problem if I install it right???


Yes, but do not rush, restart the computer and check for updates normally, because the switch was on Beta - this update could not download and install, I think everything will be fine:)

HI Vasanth, that is correct, you were not in the Beta Channel in the first place, you are in the dev channel as that is a dev build.

There is no way to go to Beta as Beta is a lower build, apologies for the earlier confusion.

Except you do a clean install!

There should be no issues with the Dev Update and you should go the Windows Update way as that is the most latest update!



Yes, preferably - remove those answers - which are confusing.

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@A1  @Deleted  Thanks for taking your valuable time to solve my issue :folded_hands:;)

@Deleted It consumed more than 4GB of my data but the download progress is still in 0 percentage...... Is there any problem????Screenshot 2023-09-07 062134.png