The i7-7700K meet the minimun requierments to run Win11. But its not suported, Why?

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Hi, I have an i7-7700K. This CPU have TPM 2.0, It's compatible with Secure Boot, it have 4 core up to 4.2 GHz. It also is 64bit. 

I don't know why this CPU is not supported by Microsoft to install Windows 11.

Update, 10/18/2021: Yesterday I bought a MacBook Air, I know that  the MacBook isn't the best computer and that you are limited within the horizon of Apple. But I don't trust Microsoft and the new Windows 11. What if I bough another computer of 2.000 US dollars and in some years Microsoft decided that I need a new computer? At least, with the new M1 chip of Apple I know that they will support the hardware and the will send me Updates and give Support.

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The same thing has happened here in Japan. I've got self-build PC using i7-7700k, and had been running it on W10. After W11 was released, Windows updates had been kept saying your PC is not W11 upgradable. On June 8, however, all of a sudden, a message came saying your PC is now W11 upgradable. From the windows updates panel, I downloaded the upgrade package and installed it. It's been working just fine. I wondered how it happened and net searched to find this loong exchange of messages. I did not read them all, skipped the middle, and came down to your message which is exactly the same with mine. Does this mean Microsoft had changed their mind?
faced none of the crashes:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::>

@yowattaApparently Microsoft had a mistake where they let this processor get W11 over just 1-2 days and you must have hit that period. It is closed down again and this processor isn't allowed W11. I don't know what they will do about you already having installed it - if they will support that in the future. However, if they do support your use of it, it would make sense for them to open it up to all users with that processor.


I’ve checked the Update History of my PC and confirmed;

  1. W11 version 22H2 was successfully installed on 6/8/22
  2. 2022-06 x64 base system W11 Ver 22H2  Quality cumm-update KB5014688 was successfully installed on 6/16/22
  3. All other updates (driver/definition/other) have been installed as well

So, it seems MS has kept my PC updating. I've double checked that i7-7700k is the cpu of my PC.

@yowatta  Yep, it is during the 1-2 days period when Microsoft offered Windows 11 Upgrade to i7 7700k, Our PC supports every other requirement, and Motherboard supports TMP 2.0 too, I have been getting regular updates, so no need to worry, keep using Windows 11.

@Immu7795  I'm still getting the "This PC doesn't currently meet the minimum system requirements to run Windows 11" crud on all four (4) of my i7-7700K boxes - all have 32 GB's and TPM 2  - is there anything I need to change?

We are lucky guys. There are unlucky guys, like Chris1231, out there. MS should open up W11 to these unlucky guys who missed the 1-2 days window. Rich1000sf is rightly making the point on his June 29 post.
New problem?
On this same PC, I've got several shortcut icons of NAS which were carried over from W10 level. All of them have been working fine. Today, I happened to erroneously delete one of them. I tried to recover it: I created shortcut icon in higher folder, then tried to drug and drop it on the desktop. To my surprise, the system came back with an error, '0x80070026: Reached the end of the file'. What has happened ?! It's only 1.7KB.

@SunOneElse Hi just reading the comments at the start of this thread, <there isnt a 40% crash rate for i7700>; its circa 50% higher than the processors which are green-lighted by MS for win11- which sounds terrible <except> the green lighted ones have a crash-free rating of 99.8% (0.2% crash) which means the i7700 has a 50% higher crash rate of 0.3%- or <the i7700 processor has a 99.7% crash free experience>. which makes the lack of MS support for all of our i7700 processors which are well capable, all the more mean and shows a disregard for customers who previously would have rated MS products (like me!)

@the999wizard the reason for the high crash rate is probably because of all of us wannabe system builders messing up hardware configurations.


tbh, i'd have to agree. most people with a 7700k boost the clock to the highest they can go while still being able to start windows in general. they arnt stability testing, and just restart when they bluescreen their systems. the only thing they talk about is being able to run their system at 5+ghz, and dont mention that its not stable at that frequency. 

i know my system is capable of running benchmarks at 5ghz, but i know through testing prime95 and other testing software the highest i could go while staying stable was 4.8ghz.

the primary reason people get a 7700k is to be able to change the clock speeds.

@SunOneElse I get that many tech savvy people over lock, and are interested enough to engage more with forums like this- but there are a huge number of folk like me out there, who don’t overclock- we simply try to get the best spec we can buy at the time- and then are dumped on by Microsoft. It’s low, real low. (Anyone remember MS saying win10 was “the last OS you’ll ever need”?? I prob. Misremembered that, but that’s what it seemed to me they said at the time. An i7700 quad core user as it comes out of the box. And I still think a 99.7% crash free experience with i7700 and win11 <is> good enough for MS to officially adopt. Why so different from 99.8%??? (The officially supported processors)

I cannot agree more, although I haven't tried the overclocking yet.
There's no +1000000000 likes button available. This CPU is perfectly capable, why is it not included in the WIN11 compatibility list?
Same issue here. Sorry to say, but with Apple you don't run into this kind of stuff. The Corei7-7700k is a fairly recent and high-end processor. And if stability is Microsoft's concern, then they really shouldn't be pointing fingers to the CPU...

 I really wanted to like the MacBook Air but returned it immediately after I discovered that offline content from Netflix, and Prime Video are not supported, however Apple TV content is. If Microsoft wants to dictate on the supported CPU's for it's operating systems I'm not going to sweat it.  

Ok just to state again- the i7700 is easily able for win11. MS say the crash rate is 1 and a half times higher then their other “approved” processors. Which sounds bad until you look at the <actual> stats. “Approved” processors crash-free experience 99.8% of the time. In other words a 0.2% crash rate. So 1 and a half times that is 0.3%, meaning a 99.7% crash-free experience… (being the i7700). In essence, MS have arbitrarily decided 99.8% crash free is fine, and “supported”, whereas the i7700’s 99.7% crash free is unacceptable and won’t be supported. Can anyone tell MS how many people they are arbitrarily excluding by dissing the i7700??

@the999wizard think of all those people with sparc processors who have terabytes of data and relied on the world’s best operating system:Solaris built and maintained by Bill Joy from Stanford University’s Solaris system sudden having the plug pulled by Oracle. What are these people going to do? Doesn’t seem like Microsoft has a solution for these poor folk with powerful 12 core Sparc processors… that beat most 48 core processors… 


ps. I would say that i7 likely rivals IBM’s Power 10 quad core processor and don’t be fooled that it’s similar to an i3 11th or 12th generation because that’s supposedly quad core as well but it’s more like dual core in actuality…

lol check the full specs it also depends apon your ram