The .dmp log file after a random crash with code 0x000000c2

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My PC just had a random crash, after searching in Event Viewer it gave me the code 0x000000c2 with a .dmp file. After using WinDbg it gave me a LOT of data which i cant really understand, whats the reason for the crash and restart?1.png2.png3.png4.png5.png6.png

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The error code 0x000000C2, or BAD_POOL_CALLER, is typically related to issues within the Windows memory pool. A crash with this error code suggests that a process or thread running in kernel mode has requested pool resources that are invalid or have already been freed. This can lead to system instability and crashes as the operating system tries to prevent damage by stopping itself. The reasons for this error can vary, but they often involve driver conflicts, faulty hardware, or software issues. Here's a simplified breakdown of the potential causes and steps you can take to diagnose and fix the problem:

1. Driver Issues

  • Update Drivers: Outdated or corrupt drivers are common culprits. Use Device Manager to update your drivers, focusing on network drivers, graphics drivers, and any recently installed device drivers.
  • Roll Back Drivers: If the crash started occurring after a driver update, rolling back to the previous driver version might resolve the issue.

2. Faulty Hardware

  • Check Hardware: Faulty hardware, especially RAM and hard drives, can cause these errors. Running hardware diagnostics can help identify issues. Use Windows Memory Diagnostic for RAM and a tool like CHKDSK for hard drives.
  • Reseat Hardware: Sometimes, simply reseating your RAM and other components can resolve connection issues that lead to crashes.