Taskbar needs to be movable from primary monitor, again.

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This functionality needs to be brought back.  The fact that you cannot make the taskbar movable makes it useless to a lot of gamers.... not all, but any gamer that has a primary  monitor for gaming, and different resolution sides monitors cannot use Windows 11 at this time, unless they do not mind having the task bar sit under their game, and taskbars on ALL monitors.


For example, if you do not like having a taskbar on all monitors, or a task bar on your gaming monitor, you have to make the make the monitor where you want the task bar the main monitor.  This causes some games to start there, and not on their primary gaming monitor.  Not all games have a monitor selection, and not all games will allow you to window the game and move to the gaming monitor and adjust the resolution accordingly.


Also, while setting your primary monitor AFTER you open your game works for some games, some games it will not, such as New World... Anyway... that isn't a viable solution.


I have tested and tested this and the only solution is to bring back the ability to move the taskbar from the main monitor to another one.  This works fine in Windows 10..... why remove the functionality?  

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Hi, there are really a lot of reports regarding the Windows11 taskbar - I think Microsoft will help and fix this problem for many millions of loyal users!

I'm looking forward to it too!

Greetings and thank you for the topic because you are the first to write about this problem in the context of computer games!