Task Manager and Games Stop Loading

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Hi all, 

I just installed Win 11 for a new build and everything works but having a couple issues and no idea why.

  1. I have a couple games like Minecraft I play. They opened the first time I tried fine, but the 2nd time I got the 'not responding' error, with the close or wait option. I tried waiting but had to close eventually.
  2. I went into Task Manager to try and end the process and I found not only would Task Manager not end the process, but it also stopped responding! Over and over this occurred.

I did notice that after I rebooted, the games would load normally, but if I tried again, the same behavior. 

Finally, I did a reset of Windows (reinstalls but keep files) to see if that helped. The games worked a bit better, but the behavior returned. 

I'm at a loss as to why this happening and would appreciate any help, as I am def not a computer expert!

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