Take too much time to open a video folder on non-boot ssd?

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1T fast SSD drive with more than 500GB free space but it takes about 3 minutes to open a video folder. This is so crazy!


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Large folders with many video files can take a long time to open due to thumbnail generation. Disabling thumbnails can speed up folder access.
Press Win + S, type File Explorer Options, and press Enter. In the File Explorer Options window, go to the View tab. Check the option Always show icons, never thumbnails.
If your videos are fragmented, it can take longer to load them. Check your file system for fragmentation using the built-in Windows tool, Check Disk. You can then defragment your drive to optimize its performance.
Run a tool like chkdsk (chkdsk) to update the file system index and fix any corruption issues.
If the folder contains a very large number of files or very large file sizes, it can slow down the loading time, even on an SSD.
If there is ample space but it’s taking time to open the video folder its mainly because the files are too heavy and large in size, causing the system to take longer to read and display. Fragmentation also impacts performance but it’s very rare on SSDs. You can also check for malware or if by any chance background processes are consuming resources. Try updating the firmware and drivers, optimize your system, and in the end, you can also check for file system errors which can improve the speed.

Restart the computer and check if this happens again or not. 


P.S. What is the computer specs?



Check your SSD's health using tools like CrystalDiskInfo (for Windows) or Smartctl (for Linux). If your SSD is showing signs of wear or failure, consider replacing it with a new one.
Temporarily disable real-time scanning or add an exception for the video folder in your antivirus software. Note that this should be done with caution and understanding of the potential security risks.