System tray icons fuzzy/blurry/pixelated

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Hello, been having an odd issue for the last few months that I am at a loss for how to fix, my system tray icons are getting all blurred and fuzzed for no apparent reason:



I have tried a few things, cleared the icon cache with winaerotweaker, reset all winaerotweaker settings, changed my DPI up and down, changed scaling settings in nvidia control panel, but nothing seems to work reliably. The best i got was most of the icons looking normal after some dpi changes, except for the safely remove hardware icon which refused to go back to normal with the others. However even managing this, a restart put them back to blurry mode... Does anyone have a clue whats going on? I'd prefer not to do a fresh windows install just to fix this.

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If you're using an older graphics driver, updating it might resolve the issue. You can check for updates through the manufacturer's website or through Windows Update.