steps to remove S mode and change microsoft account

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I have a Windows 10 home in S mode with a microsoft account and bitlocker enabled.  I want to remove S mode and change the microsoft account to a different microsoft account and preserve my data (my documents, pictures, bookmarks, etc...).  What are the proper steps to do this?


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Thanks for sharing the issue Clayton!

That's quite easy though may I ask why do thou want to remove S mode?

Anyways, going to the Microsoft Store to search up "Switch out of S Mode" and following the steps!

After you done the out of S mode, you should be able to go to the Account Settings and change to a local account.

Then after you reboot, you should be able to sign-in with a different Microsoft account though are your current user account files in your OneDrive or local?


Changing to local account will not remove files except it is in OneDrive, so if you wish to not put it in the old account OneDrive, you should drag them out of OneDrive to the desktop or another local folder!