Start menu not fully accessible via keyboard


When opening the start menu, I want to use the keyboard to activate/"click" the "More" button in the "recommended" section. However, the tab order is "All apps" -> "first item in Recommended list" -> "More button". This is confusing, as it doesn't follow the visual order from top to bottom.

Additionally, after interacting with a few items in the recommended list (e.g. removing them from the list), my focus is suddenly moved to the "More" button. Usually it returns to the new first item in the list, so this was confusing. When pressing tab, I was taken to my profile picture, not the first item in the list. This follows the behavior from the first part, but it's still confusing :\

Hoping we can change to "All apps" -> "More" -> "first item in Recommended list" with a consistent behavior (return to first item in list) after interacting with items.

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