Sound/volume limits -- massively loud output levels uncontrolled and damaging to ears

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Please investigate why sound output is so extremely high at default settings. Nothing can explain this phenomena to me, but it only happens since I have new notebook with Windows 11. This wasn't the case on any other machine, which I used within the last two-five years, never experienced before.


If the slider is beyond "10", this goes into the higher db's, easily 80+ ... if anyone making a mistake here, that will blast their ears away. :facepalm:


Of course this situation is highly specific. Thus, I give the details, but it should be investigated if generic situation. Machine is Dell Latitude 5440 and headset is Plantronics (~Poly) 5220 Series.


I turned Audio enhancement off, too. Please leave such things off per default. Those who need it, will find it and play with it; it does not relate to volume of output.


There exist legal specs, too. I do not see it in Windows 10/11. Where are the db limits/settings? The ultimate output device is Windows, not an app like Opera in this case. Windows must set the limits.


Update 2024-02-11: I hereby confirm that this problem is the same for another one of my machines. In fact, the output gets reset to "100", i.e., full blast unless manually controlled. Even then, there is risk that the slider is suddenly jumping to back to 100. The second machine is regulated to "20" as compared with first machine at "10".


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