Something changed with spelling and grammar checking

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Sometimes I find myself mis-spelling words when typing. I generally get all the letters right but very often they are in the wrong order. The most common example is when I type "teh" instead of "the".

About 4-6 months ago, I noticed that Windows no longer suggests the correct words when I right click on the red underlined text. Has anyone else noticed this?

For example, when I right click on "teh", the suggestions I get are tph, teem, tehri, techy and etch. I don't know why this is, none of these words seem like common errors that would show as "teh". I have seen other examples as well when I make small type-os like if I accidentally type "Nessecary" instead of "Necessary" I used to for sure get the right one at the top of the suggestions list. Now it's not even in the list. I have searched the Windows 11 update history and I can't find any changes to this funtionality. I need a sanity check, has anyone else noticed issues with the spell check?

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I too have this same, funky, ANNOYING issue. It is WAY off base with suggestions and making me regret the upgrade to Windows 11 from 10. I do see that I have EXACTLY the same (wrong) suggestions for a mistyped 'teh' as you do. Clearly this is a common issue. I do not find any fixes for this and not many other posts about it though.
I had a similar problem with my computer, but I didn't pay much attention to it. I thought there was something wrong with the keyboard.