Snapped window groups and individual windows

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So Windows 11 introduced the option to group windows by using the snapping layout feature.

It also allows you to show the group when alt-tab-ing or when hoving over the windows on the taskbar for example (Settings -> Multitasking -> show snapped windows when I hover over taskbar apps, in Task View, and when I press Alt + Tab).


This is a great feature but there is a single flow with it. When a user decides to treat with these windows as a window group and not as individual windows, the OS should do too. What I'm trying to say it, when you enable this feature and alt+tab for example, I should see the group listed but not the individual windows as well. That pollutes the alt+tab screen a lot and ultimately makes the screen unusable. Same for the taskbar icons.

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Totally with you on this. Having snap groups appear as one thing in Alt+Tab would be a game changer for keeping things neat and easy to navigate. Why see all those windows separately when you’re thinking of them as one group? This would make flipping through tasks way smoother.

@YarotskiU - not all of us work the same way.  I DO want to see all my windows individually on taskbar and never wanted them grouped.   After using Win 11 for a while dislike that aspect.  Reason: The group windows with small icons is almost unusable and far less efficient for how I work.  I do wish that were an option that could be toggled and am not alone in that complaint.  I'd rather not have to try to use a suboptimal work-around with two monitors or go to a 43" monitor to do what I used to do better with ungrouped windows within apps on a 27" screen.