SMB access denied for users with accented characters

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Trying SMB access to my Synology NAS with username "Hervé" reports constantly incorrect password also it worked fine before upgrading to 22h2. If I rename the NAS account to "Herve" it works fine again. Try the same with other accended characters in the name gave the same bug...

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@Herv1715I have the same issue on my side.


All my users using usernames containing special characters (accents in this case) have this issue on Windows 11 only (Windows 10 not affected) since the last major update.


This is a big regression, and nothing seems documented on that point.


The Synology support is now also informed and states that it comes from Samba client side.


Thanks to Microsoff to correct this bug.




Hello @Pernille-Eskebo

We are waiting some support on that point please!

Thanks in advance

Hi. Is there a solution to the problem meanwhile?
I have the same error. For me it is the character "ö" in the Username.
Since Windows 11 22h2 I can no longer access any shares from the Synology NAS.


I reported the issue more than 3 months ago for that bug introduced by W11 22H2 (not present in W10).

Microsoft seams to ignore the problem as long as it doesn't affect the good old boys...

@minti75 I contacted the Microsoft support for online assistance more than a month ago. 


At the end, they said that the issue was known by the developper team... and should be fixed....


But no news since... :-((

Did you also contact directly the support? With remote assistance to show them the issue?


Not I didn't. Seams to be a waste of time...

Of course I worked around the issue since it appened ;)

By the way there' also an issue with HYPER-V and accented characters in host names...

Issue just been fixed in KB5026446 (Moment 3) update... 8 month later
Thank you MS for your reactivity !
Hello, it does not solve the issu for me... :(
Doers it solve it for you?
Really strange bug. KB5026446 solved it on one system bug not on another one... There's really an issue but MS doesn't care about it...